Artistic vision. Soulful stories. Artistic vision. Soulful stories. Artistic vision. Soulful stories.

This isn't your typical cookie cutter photo session. This is about creating a meaningful experience, preserving memories, and honoring your story. Together we will build a space where you feel free to be fully present in the experience and here, I am able to capture your most authentic self.

Crafting your story into artistic imagery.

Ditch the posing and embrace presence.

Hello love

I'm Shelby

photographer. artist. human.

I've been photographing professionally for the last six years however, I started documenting humans long before. I've always been fascinated with documentation as a way of finding beauty in the ordinary. Creating art out of reality as a means of shifting my perspective. Over the years I have come to understand that photographing people is a collaborative process. Which is why your story matters to me. I am merely an observer, it is you who gives these images life.

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The real you is beautiful.

The unposed you. Unmasked. Free from expectations.

That's the you that I want to photograph.

These are the kind of photos that bring up memories. That capture those subtle details of the ones you love. The ones that remind you of the milestones in your life. These photographs aren't static and posed, they are a reflection of your story. Perfectly imperfect. And that is beautiful.