Y'all I get it. It can be so hard to even know where to begin. So I've put together I couple ways that I can give back and give you a boost on your own photo journey.



Join me for a full couple session! We’ll start in a beautiful location photographing a super rad couple. I’ll walk you through the entire session from my camera settings, to angles and lighting, to posing.

Afterwards we’ll head to a coffee shop and I’ll help you with your workflow, step-by-step how I edit, and how to create your own “style.”

Feel free to ask me ANYTHING during the session! I’m seriously an open book.





Ready to start photographing weddings but not exactly sure…how?

Become my shadow for a wedding day! You’ll be able to come for as long or little as you’d like.

Get inside access to my entire wedding day process.



(I only take on a handful of these each year)